100 Word Challenge - Pet Dog by David

I went to the pet store to buy a dog. When I got there, I found a really furry dog. Then, to my great surprise, he started to make music! It sounded so good, I didn't care if he was nice or mean, I WANTED HIM. after i bought him, he climbed into the carrier, no problem! Then we got in the vehicle. On the way back home, we saw someone else walking a dog. When my dog saw him, he started barking and growling ferociously. I tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn’t! When we got home, we slowly went to bed.


  1. I like your essay a lot but where did the music come from

  2. hello david.
    This is a really nice story, i like the detail in it and the beginning! What inspired you to make this story? What inspired you to say there was music coming from the dog? Maybe you can look at my story on


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100 Word Challenge - Dog by David